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The character development is excellent. The mystery kept me guessing. I really love how Amelia is growing into her powers. There are so many laugh out loud moments that I loved! This is such a well written cozy paranormal coy mystery that I really loved.

Miss W Book Reviews

A group of bridesmaids bring chaos to Cypress Grove and inn owner Amelia Matthews must tap into her psychic prowess to solve a spooktacular mystery!

When a group of wild bridesmaids descend on Cypress Grove for a spirited October weekend at the Crescent Moon Inn, owner Amelia Matthews comes prepared with champagne, plans for a spooky swamp walk, and a bottomless well of patience.

But the festivities take a spine-tingling twist when one bridesmaid vanishes during the haunted jaunt and emerges in a less-than-ideal state. Murder wasn’t on Amelia’s agenda for the inn’s grand re-opening. Suddenly, suspicion blankets the group. Armed with newfound psychic powers, Amelia believes she can crack the case.

Despite the sheriff’s stern warnings, Amelia’s resolve to uncover the truth stands firm. She rallies her eccentric crew of amateur sleuths, including a mystical shop owner, a cowgirl-witch, a history professor, and a feline sidekick, Freddie Purrcury.

As Amelia delves deeper into the case, she uncovers the deceased bridesmaid’s competitive streak as a possible motive. Now, it’s not just the bridesmaids on the line; Amelia’s own safety hangs in the balance. Can her psychic talents unravel this enigma, or will she meet her expiration date before Halloween?