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"This delightful cozy mystery blends the warmth of sisterhood with a dash of the infamous "Florida Man" antics, creating an irresistibly charming tale. Set against the backdrop of Florida's eccentricities, the story gains an extra layer of intrigue and humor. With its perfect balance of romance and mystery, the plot unfolds seamlessly, keeping readers engaged from start to finish. I eagerly anticipate diving into the next installment of this series and following along with the captivating adventures it promises."

—April, Netgalley reader

You’re the girl who traps gators?” Maggie Andrews is used to this question. Even in the quirky town of Wahoo, Florida, twenty-five-year-old Maggie is an anomaly—a tiny but tough female gator trapper who isn’t afraid to get dirty. To fulfill her father’s dying wish, Maggie’s left her job at the Boston Zoo and returned home to take over the family gator business. Reunited with her twin sister Vera, who is opening the town’s first romance bookstore, Maggie’s ready to embrace her wild side.

Enter Jack Bianchi—a young criminology professor from Miami who is renting a room from the twins. Jack’s hot as hell, smart, and good with Maggie’s kitten, Catsy Cline. But while Maggie’s debating whether she has time for a steamy fling, Vera’s getting into hot water. A rival gator trapper turns up dead in a swamp after a spat with the twins, and bullets from Vera’s stolen gun are found in the body. Maggie knows her sister isn’t a killer, and it’s up to Maggie to prove it.

As she peels back the layers of small-town secrets, Maggie and Jack team up— fake (or maybe not so fake?) dating to help the investigation. It turns out that finding the real killer is far more dangerous than trapping an angry twelve-footer. Despite the twists and turns, Maggie isn’t about to let her family’s legacy, Vera’s bookstore, or her situationship with Jack, go down without a fight.