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Life has a funny way of bringing you back to where you started…

For Maggie Andrews, that means returning to her Florida hometown to fulfill her father’s dying wish: take over his gator trapping legacy. Her twin sister Vera’s busy chasing her dreams of opening a bookstore, and Maggie has vowed to help with that in her downtime.

But when a rival gator trapper turns up dead, Vera becomes the prime suspect. With bullets from her stolen gun found in the body, Maggie has to act fast to clear her sister’s name before the law sinks its teeth into her. Aided by a charming criminology professor, a skeptical detective, and a kitten named Sassy Catsy Cline, Maggie’s on the case.

With the bookstore ready to open, this sister act must catch the real killer and restore their family’s reputation. It’s time to snap into action and show that the Andrews sisters are the real deal, because in this swampy situation, it’s kill or be killed.

Grab a copy of this page-turner and join Maggie and Vera as they take a bite out of crime in the Florida swamp!

Available Sept. 1, 2023 — pre-order now on Amazon!


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It’s Crime Time in Paradise.

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Lush dangles the mystery of Raina’s whereabouts tantalizingly for a gratifyingly long time before descending into the tried-and-true cozy tropes: a corpse, cascading revelations about the dark side of the deceased, and a plucky heroine whose sleuthing inevitably leads to peril.

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