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reporter-turned-barista Lana Lewis is back on the case when a body is dug up in the community garden…

Lana Lewis is brewing up new concoctions at Perkatory, a popular café in Devil’s Beach, when she decides she wants to try her hand at growing her own coffee. She secures a gardening plot in the community garden, thanks to her father and the garden’s owner, Darla. Darla’s list of rules is long, but that doesn’t stop someone from leaving Jack Daggett’s body amongst the gardening plots. As Lana dives into the case, she learns that Jack had more enemies than she realized. When Darla turns up dead, Lana has to turn up the heat on her investigation. With Lana on the case, it won’t be long before someone spills the beans to crack this case wide open. But will she able to find the killer before they strike again?

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It’s Crime Time in Paradise.

Hi, I’m Tara. Welcome to my virtual home! Feel free to have a look around, and make sure to check out my Coffee Lover’s Mystery series! You can also find out about upcoming events, read my journal, or send me a message.

Lush dangles the mystery of Raina’s whereabouts tantalizingly for a gratifyingly long time before descending into the tried-and-true cozy tropes: a corpse, cascading revelations about the dark side of the deceased, and a plucky heroine whose sleuthing inevitably leads to peril.

Kirkus Reviews

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